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At Stack IT Support, we offer a broad spectrum of Cloud Consulting services that enable you to keep pace with the ever-evolving technology trends. We help ease your technology worries through our agile and robust managed cloud consulting services.

Datto Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Data disasters can happen anytime to any business. The downtime that results from this halts business operations, and some data may never recover. We offer enterprise-grade Datto solutions to protect your business continuity. Plus, we ensure continuous networking support, secure file backup, collaborate and provide a single source for management of your business IT.

Datto’s secure and state-of-the-art solutions enable you to recover your lost business data or complete infrastructure in a matter of minutes. It helps eliminate downtime and costly interruptions to your business with networking that is always working, allowing you to manage from anywhere, anytime.

By implementing Datto Cloud backup and disaster recovery, you can seamlessly do a real-time collaboration, backup, and restore your work without compromising security, simplicity, and power. You get a competitive edge with a single management dashboard that helps make business operations efficient and deliver data-supported insights and support.

File Servers

With Cloud File Servers, you get traditional file server speed and security along with cloud accessibility from anywhere. Our cloud-based file servers bring multiple benefits to your business like unlimited revisioning of files, mobile and web access, recycle bin, access/audit log and enhanced file server collaboration. Simultaneously, you enjoy the advantages associated with traditional file servers, like fast access through LAN and security at the sub-folder level. By using file servers, you can immediately improve your ROI.

Unlike the traditional filer server, cloud-based file servers offer an ability to access, store, and share files online with backup. We also can provide support for hybrid cloud storage that serves as an excellent cloud solution. It can also sync between on-premise and Cloud-based file-servers. You can scale this hybrid approach to set up according to the changing demands of your business.

Using cloud file servers, you can save plenty of money and reduce your overhead administrative costs. You can provide secure and quick access to your employees and partners by using a combination of different applications. With enhanced control, security and privacy, you can exercise better control over your organizational data and operations.

Maximize Creativity and Productivity to Gain a Competitive Edge

Harness the power of real-time communication, collaboration, and powerful analytics with Office 365. We offer the most advanced version of Office 365 with a broad array of technologies such as SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, and many others. Your workforce can maximize creativity and productivity to accomplish a competitive edge in the market using this highly effective cloud-based platform.

We give you an integrated experience of cutting-edge services and apps designed to help you grow your business. Utilizing our end-to-end and modernized Office 365 solutions, you can plan a unique approach for seamless cloud migration. Our team prepares your existing IT infrastructure to either co-exist or migrate to Office 365, efficiently and cost-effectively.

From planning to assessment, designing to implementation, remediation and continuous support, our team of experts provides best-in-class services that help you modernize your organization for a technology-driven future.

We ensure a hassle-free and user-friendly experience through our custom-designed training and collaboration with your technology team. We effectively resolve issues that may arise post-migration and offer solutions for resources de-commissioning that you may not need.

Make Your Remote Work Efficient and Hassle-Free with Virtual Desktop Solutions

Our secure, robust, and scalable virtual desktop solutions allow easy access to your corporate information and resources, helping your business grow and thrive. We offer work flexibility and security to enable a hassle-free shift to remote working environments.

From user authentication to IAP, active directory to Google authorization, our solutions provide encrypted streaming on desktop irrespective of your employees’ locations. We work with premier cloud providers AWS, Google & Azure to offer the most suitable solution operating in a scalable infrastructure. Through our expertise, we enhance your business agility and decrease operational complexities.

Our company offers functionality beyond the virtual desktop of Microsoft Windows, which includes applications management, management of user environment, advanced power management, hybrid environment support and more.

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